Sep 14 2012


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After our Grow-a-Crocodile experience, I searched around to find what other similar animals’ eggs we could hatch/grow.

And Amazon showed me this “Hatchin’ Grow Turtle”. :)

Day 0: Look who’s so happy to receive another egg to “hatch”. :)

And again, she felt it, smelt it, and explored it. This time she could tell me this turtle egg is much smaller than the crocodile egg. :)

And familiar with the process, she immediately dunk the egg into the water to start “hatching” it.

“Mama, now we wait for the turtle to come out!”

Day 2: Peek-a-boo!

Day 4: It’s almost totally out already!

So I decided to give it a hand (and I’m glad I did cos it looked like the turtle was stuck inside and despite growing, it wasn’t going to break free without going out of shape *whops*)

There, our new pet!

It went back into the water cos I wanted to see how much bigger it would grow to. (Wanna guess what’s its name? :P )

P/S, for the records, we took Crockie out cos I didn’t have any container bigger than the one it “hatched” in. And in weeks, it ultimately shrunk back to the original size… so yes! If I want to, I could always soak it again to revive it. :) Meanwhile, let’s see how if this little terrapin-sized one would grow to a giant turtle. :)


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