Sep 21 2012

Another zoo-trip

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And really only cos the girl has been asking for it for weeks!!! So we decided to bring her down as part of the lead-up to her birthday one week later…

So we packed our bags and headed to the zoo early morning!

Look! The signage now has the newest kids on the block – Jia Jia & Kai Kai (the pandas) welcoming us too! Guess we’ll be back again after December when the River Safari opens…

One of the first few animals out to greet us! Lemurs and monkeys (Siamang) etc…

And she was so familiar with the place that she was guiding the daddy where to go and what to see… “Look Daddy! An alligator!!!” … And then she burst out in song/chant: 

“5 little monkeys, swinging on a tree!
Teasing Mr Alligator you can’t catch me!
Along came Mr Alligator quiet as can be…
4 little monkeys, swinging on a tree!” … etc

Haha… Funny how she remembered this when she saw the Siamang and the False Gharial (“Monkey and Alligator”) simultaneously. :P

Oh yeah… Someone is REALLY happy to be visiting the zoo again… And her joy is absolutely infectious!

We: Where do you want to go now?
She: I want to see the kangaroos!

And that’s why we rushed & hopped down to the Australian Outback section… where she saw kangaroos crossing right in front of her!!!  

… And making their way to the feeding area! Quite the pro now, she sat down very still while feeding the two…

 … And occassionally talking to them like “Kangaroo, is it yummy?”… and “There’s a bit more! Finish it!” :P

“Daddy, I want to go this way!!!” … And the poor man was led against his will according to his daughter’s wishes. :P

We went to watch the elephant show for a while… But got such a bad seat that the girl lost interest and we left early and headed towards the Ele-fun Area! It was definitely great with the crowd distracted at the elephants’ performance, leaving this attic playground just for us. :P Here’s the girl pretending to be a Baby African Elephant.  

And us quite amazed at how gigantically big the molars of the elephants were. “Look Mama, it’s the same size as my foot!”

We then moved off to the Rainforest Fights Back show… where the peacock fanned out for us during the performance! (I’ve seen this show for the 3rd or 4th time… and this was the FIRST time this peacock displayed his feathers for us. What a treat!)

And the orang-utan swinging by on top of us… And cos we got such a great seat (cos we left the elephant show early and headed here in wait for about 30 minutes), the girl was just 4 rows away from everything that’s happening! She saw the long yellow snake swim… the orang-utan peel a coconut… the ducks swimming in the pool… the raccoon running around… etc. No wonder she’s so happy. :) (oh, and not to forget she was munching on pocky biscuits and KFC popcorn chicken too. :P )

After the show… Next stop, the Giant Tortoise encounter!

 First time feeding the Giant Tortoise… “Say Ahhhh….”

 “… Ummm… Yummy?”

Her thought in mind (??): “I may be feeding a Giant Tortoise 20 times my age… maybe more than 5 times my size.. and many times my weight… but I still need to pose stylo while pretending to be a zoo-keeper for a day…” (I can’t think of why else she would lean on the daddy and cross her legs like that while feeding THE GIANT TORTOISE?!?!?)

“Hey, let go of the stick!” … When the tortoise finished the last slice of apple and grabbed the stick along with it. :P

After hanging around a bit more for her to touch the shell and stroke the neck, she went on to tell me that the tortoise’s shell is smooth and hard… but the neck is very rough…

Her new best friend now. :)

“Daddy, this is how you talk to a penguin… Woo ahh ahh ahh…” (Don’t ask me why)

“You keep quiet. I’m talking to the baby sea lion”

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How many baby orang-utans do you see in this picture above? (Decide on an answer before you see the picture below…….)

ANSWER: Count the number of hands on the rope. There’s a mommy orang-utan… and two babies! Apparently they are 1.5 years old, and only one of them was born from this mommy. The other one was adopted. Imagine the “Awww….” moment when the mommy caught the sugar-cane from the zoo-keeper, bit it and tore it into smaller pieces to give to the young ones. :)

Been to the zoo several times… and this is the first time we walked into the Tropical Crops area. Interesting patch where we saw brinjal plants… soy beans… long beans… chilli padi… aloe vera… etc… There is even an orchid garden too!

And then the girl said “Mommy, I want to see the long-nosed monkey”…

And that’s exactly where we ended up (thankfully it was quite near). The mommy proboscis monkey was priming the little baby. :)  (If only my girl would sit so still when I tie/cut her hair or trim her nails etc)

A final stop at the Fragile Forest… which brought us many close encounters with the animals including the blue crowned pigeon, mandarin ducks, iguanas, mousedeer, lemurs… and even butterflies which somehow took a liking to Yahn’s stroller and rested on our waterbottles.

 AND BATS TOO! These freaked me out. Don’t they bite? *shivers…* 

Stayed all the way till about 4.30pm when the skies started dripping, and decided to make our way back… with a final photo op with the orang utan family. :) A very long… exhausting 6+ hours at the zoo…

… little wonder the daddy and the daughter totally concussed along the way back. :)

So the pre-birthday mini-excursion to the zoo completed… now i’m stressed about the ACTUAL birthday celebrations! *ARH… I’ve not even bought a cake!!!*


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